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    Wondering if anyone has had any luck with shipping the corrosive old East Bloc stuff into AK from the lower 48, specifically looking for 7.62x25 and 7.62x54R, also, if anyone is looking for someone to go in on a bulk purchase I would be interested as well. I'm located in Fairbanks, hate paying the 30 cents a round when it's available for 10.

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    I ccollect MosinNagants, and shoot them as well.

    J&G sales in Presscott AZ will work "Alaska".

    I buy up Czeck and Bulgarian 7.62X54R, and ship it up.

    The trick is to get it sent to a "consolidator" in Seattle, then onto Alaska on an all Cargo flight.

    I have it sent to NAC-LINC in seattle (Northern Air Cargo), and NAC brings it to Kotzebue, so getting it to Fairbanks should be smooth.

    Look 'em up, call em, make your plan. J&G will give you a price for one shot shipping if you let them know your rout. They have a good working sales department.
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