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Thread: Neil and Joel will be in Charge

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    Default Neil and Joel will be in Charge

    Neil and Joel will be in Charge
    It's that time of the year again (school winter brake) that I actually go away on vacation with the wife and kids. No computer, no cell phone, no work....(OK, I am sure I'll find some internet service somewhere along the way).
    I'm out of the store from the 13th - the 23rd. While I'm out Neil and Joel will be taking care of things for me.
    Feel free to call them or e-mail:
    Neil -
    Joel -
    I am sure the more e-mails they get the happier they'll be. Send an e-mail just to say hi and see if they're making out OK without me .
    Thanks for all the support that we have received.
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land

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    Default I'll take you up on that invitation!

    I'll shoot them each a note to let them know I'm supposed to check up on them for you! (and to remind them of your offer for my "special citizen" discount of 75% off on any purchase I complete before you get back from your vacation )

    Hope you and the family have a great time!


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