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Thread: Real AUGs !!!

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    Default Real AUGs !!!

    Apparently Steyr will be selling new, genuine Steyr made AUGs in the US by the end of this month!!!!

    There was a press release on their website. A few have already been distributed to reviewers. Has anybody seen one of these in person?

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    They have been claiming that for years

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    Yay........Just in time for Barack The Red's AWB II.
    Now what ?

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    Default AWB

    Quote Originally Posted by stevelyn View Post
    Yay........Just in time for Barack The Red's AWB II.

    I don't believe they're planning to sell them to the general public anyway, probably. I would believe they're trying to garner military and police contracts. Which isn't effected by the AWB. BUT the 1986 weapons ban prohibits importation of full auto recievers into the US; THIS is what they are trying to get around, so they can open up a new market for their product.
    I'll keep my AR the last 2 full-auto AUGs I shot were nice looking JUNK.
    " Americans will never need the 2nd Amendment, until the government tries to take it away."

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    Default cute gun

    I fired them a few times when I was in Somalia. Fun to shoot, but I am with AWB, I'll take an AR over an AUG any day.

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    Default new steyr aug

    the new steyr aug is the a3 configuration, it does not have the 1.5 optic standard to the a1 variant.

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    I'd really like to see the MSAR AUG variant produced in 10mm like they said it would be. I believe it was going to take Glock 20 mags. Although if they made an AR in 10mm with magazines that were widely available, I'd be just fine with that too.

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    Default From steyr

    from their website

    Product Update-Steyr AUG

    Friday, January 09, 2009 - Steyr Arms, Inc
    2009 New Steyr Product Update!

    Steyr Arms, Inc. is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new Steyr AUG A3 SA USA at the 2009 Shot Show in Orlando, Florida. On Wednesday, January 14 members of the media will be the first to see and test fire the iconic rifle that Steyr fans have been waiting since the Eighties to see the newest version.
    Currently, the AUG is in the final stages of product development and is expected to hit the shelves of Steyr Dealers in 1st quarter 2009. In fact, the very first units are already in endurance testing as of the date of this article. Most companies run 1-2,000 rounds through their guns to test them, not Steyr-Mannlicher. The Steyr rifles have at least 10,000 rounds run through them while continually testing for both durability and accuracy.

    Steyr Arms, Inc. has been inundated over the last several months by dealers and gun enthusiasts asking both when and where the new AUG would be available for sale. Both the AUG and all other Steyr products will be available for retail purchase in your local authorized Steyr Dealer. In fact, it is advised that you call your local dealer early as most dealers are taking pre-orders on a first come first serve basis. To look for a dealer near you, check on our website dealer page or feel free to call us at 205-467-6544. Or simply shoot us an email on our "Contact" page.
    Be sure to check back often for more information or sign up for the newsletter as new information is released on specifications, availability, pricing, etc.

    Your Steyr Arms Team

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