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Thread: Canned hunting and Game farming

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    Default Canned hunting and Game farming

    Found this site on another forum. This is a video about the problems around game farming, canned hunts and the danger to state wildlife againcies.

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    Thanks for posting this, wanted to push it to the top again. It's pretty disgusting and sad. As hunting becomes more commercialized, many seem to be losing sight of what it's all about. When some hunters will pay 15 grand to shoot a trophy deer in a small enclosure, then we have a problem within our ranks. A big one. Part of this leads back to the other thread on C&R hunting as well, and Safari Club's acceptance of trophies taken on game ranches, further encouraging this kind of hunter behavior and ethics. Privitization of hunting is the new wave of "ranching" in many states. If we aren't careful, we'll bring ourselves down to the point that non-hunters look at us as scum. And after following the Bellar trial and the big names involved, I can't say as I'd blame them.

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