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    Default Whidbey Bay

    Has anyone ever landed around the Whidbey Bay area? I have not flown over the area, but looking at a topo map it looks like a fair amount of flat land. I am wondering for purposes of a dg-345 goat hunt. Any landing info of the area is appreciated.

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    Default beach landing at Whidbey Bay

    I've not landed there myself, but after I bought a recreational parcel there I looked into getting there a bit. The long beach just east of the creek mouth looks pretty good, and I've got a jpg of someone else who has a parcel there showing where they landed. I tried to attach it, but the forum won't let me do it for some reason and I wasn't successful. If you want to see the few Whidbey Bay pics I have, send me an email and I'll try that instead. Good Luck.


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