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Thread: cabelas alaskan guide scope

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    Default cabelas alaskan guide scope

    I need a scope for my Remington model 750 carbine in .308. I still hunt the high peaks region of the Adirondack mountains and I need a rugged, reliable low powered scope that can pick up moving targets quickly in thick cover. I have zero experience with Cabelas Alaskan Guide scopes and was wondering if any of you have. The 1.5-5x32 model looks like it would be perfect. I am also thinking about a Leupold, either 1.5-5, or 1.75-6, a Weaver Grand Slam 1.5-5, or a Sightron sII 1.25-5. They are all quite costly, but the cabelas scope is on sale for $179,$100 off regular price. I have several Leupold scopes and love them all, but I wonder about this cabelas scope. It looks interesting.

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    The main thing that concerns me about Cabela's brand scopes is that I've never seen it posted anywhere on the forums I frequent as to who makes them or where they're made.
    I will suggest two scopes that are sold by one of the sponsors that not near as the other scopes you've considered: I'd be most interested in the 1.5-4.5x32 w/Firefly reticle(type info in).

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    Can't speak about the "Guide" series of scopes, but I know the reports I've seen on forums regarding their "Lever Action" scopes have all be negative with most of them returned...
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    I bought one about a 2 years ago. Not impressed. When I took it back the counter guy tried to tell me it was my fault for putting it on a .375 H&H. To their credit they did eventually give me money towards a different scope.

    I fell for the low price and had a Cabellas gift card so I gave it a try. Other than that I've always used Leupold. Save up the money and get something that will work forever.

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    Default American Rifleman article

    There is an article/review of the Cabela's 4.5-14x 42mm Alaska Guide riflescope in the February 2009 issue of the NRA's American Rifleman magazine. If you're not a NRA member or don't know someone who is, you can read the article online. [NOTE: given the current political climate, if you aren't a member of NRA, GOA, or some other pro-gun group, please consider joining.]

    Here's the link: If that link doesn't work, just go to -- you'll see the article "above the fold". Overall, the review was favorable.

    PS. the article says that they're made in Japan
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