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Thread: Aarn Bodypacks

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    Default Aarn Bodypacks

    I was curious if anyone has given these packs a shot? They look interesting and have a rabid following in some circles.

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    Default Aarn

    LuJon, haven't used this type of backpack but have used a similar setup, of sorts. I use a climbing treestand which is carried like a backpack and since I usually stay out all day, I carry a good size daypack. I put the treestand on the back and the daypack on the front of me. I then carry my rifle. Quite a load and have mostly flat ground but it balances me out pretty well. Same principle as the Aarn. Besides I don't think I could balance those things on my head as the lady on their web site. Good idea, Mark

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    Default Good looking packs...

    and I like the chest pack version and center of gravity rationale.
    These packs remind me of Gregory packs, which I like. Ospreys too.

    Aarn packs (like Gregorys, Ospreys) look trim and close to the body - good design for hiking through thick cover or up steep grades. From a load distribution perspective, the Aarn with chest pack looks more efficient at putting the load axis along the hiker's spine - a real plus, especially in steep terrain. Tradeoff might be it's hot - (sort of like body armor- less ventilation)

    Differences: My Gregory Forester: more compression straps which allow tailoring the loaded pack for a close fit, but no chest pack. Gregory also appears to have more tie-on points, maybe compartments.

    Similar weights per given capacity and looks like good materials. I would like to inspect the stitching closely and get the pack wet, or talk to someone who has.

    Interesting packs. Thanks.


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