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Thread: Air Taxi/Bush Pilot charter services

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    Default Air Taxi/Bush Pilot charter services

    I was on a website sometime ago and the air taxi company not only would fly you to your destination, but also would supply a boat. I don't recall if the boat was included or was an extra and whether it has a motor or not.
    Nevertheless, I have not been able to find this website.
    I just need some contact information on any companies offering a boat in addition to chartering. Please HELP. Thanks!


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    Default Where you want to go?

    Where are you trying to fly into? Or what are you hoping to catch? A lot of my favorite places to fly into you only need waders and a a sharp fillet knife.

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    Default Boogedy

    AK Hunter,
    I am going to Coghill Lake near the College Fiord in the Prince William Sound. It is close to Whittier just northeast.

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    Default Air charter + Boat

    I do not know off the top of my head which air taxi would provide a boat at Coghill lake. If you are not set on coghill there are several forest service cabins that offer a boat with the cabin. Check out Another option is to rent a inflatable from alaska raft and kayak.


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    Last time I was at Coghill there was a 12' aluminum boat stored there for folks to use.


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