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    Is this the first year that there has been a draw for the twentymile area, everything I find shows it was a regestration hunt in the past?

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    Default second year

    Last year was the first year.


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    Has anyone hunted this area. I don't understand why this went to a draw, it looks like effort was low when it was a regestration hunt. can anyone enlighten me?

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    I spoke to a biologist from Fish and Game. I asked him why 20-mile and Lake George went to permits rather than staying as Registration hunts. He said the previous 2-3 years the registration hunters that were successful had not reported their harvest in a timely manner and they over harvested those two areas. He said that with "X" number of permits in hand they knew they would not over harvest those two areas.

    Rough country in 20-mile. Good Luck.



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