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Thread: DS180 Friday Creek

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    Default DS180 Friday Creek

    The draw is out and I am very lucky. Any advice for a novice sheep hunter for DS180/Friday Creek?

    Should I go by ATV back as far a possible and then hike uphill in Friday Creek drainage or do you think hiking in Lazy Mtn/Matanuska Peak area would be a better option?


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    Default early scouting

    You could train at Lazy while scouting and if it doesnt pan out start heading up Friday. I didnt see any sheep in Lazy/Mat valley the other day but I believe they like to hang out on bare ridges between the two valleys this time of year.
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    Default Friday Creek DS-185

    Good luck on your hunt and your quest for sheep hunting information. I believe that I will be hunting the same area as you, only a few weeks later.

    As a novice sheep hunter, any info you feel comfortable passing along after your hunt would be appreciated.

    All the best

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    Default Congrats!

    Congradulations on the permit. I Drew DS 190 so I'll be across the mountain range from you. I live in Delta so It's quite a drive for me to get there. Planning on doing a recon/scouting trip this summer, Depending on the price of fuel. Lucky I guess I get drawn for the hunt down south and everyone from Anchorage gets drawn for the DCU Area in my back yard. Are you familiar with the wolverine lake area? I was planning on going in on ATV's that route, and going into/up Carpenter Creek. Or am I being to unrealistic?
    I'll Probably just end up spooking the sheep and sending them your way across the Mountain the way I shoot.

    Thanks for any Info.

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    Did you ever figure out what was best? I have the DS180 permit this year. I was thinking that I'd hike up the mountain between Friday and Jim Creek...maybe up Friday Creek drainagge.



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