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    Default Best late season, Registration Goat

    Hello all,
    Well Im am going to hunt goats somewhere, I was thinking unit 6D, but I am open for suggestions. I will have to hunt late, well like many of my buddies I am deployed and wont be back til late september. If everything works out, and I get to take leave, it will be somewhere between mid OCT-DEC. I will be fully prepared for the worst weather known to man, I really want to get out. I plan on 14 days. I am looking for direction from those who have hunted later in the yr for goats. Im looking for a drop off charter, It will probibly have to be by boat, weather will limit me. I have poked around at the idea of going into units 1,4,and 5. I dont really have much info on these areas. I would appreciate any info in possible charters, and units.


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    i could be wrong, but don't most of 6D close by early oct? i was down there this last fall and alot of 6d was closed by then...if i remember correctly. might wanna look farther down the coast past some bio's, the cordova bio, dave crowley should be a good source for local info down in that neck of the woods.
    best of luck
    daylight will be the problem not the weather...unless of course its visibility. Cordova had 3-4 feet of snow last year mid oct, goat hunts were short and painfull with goats right on the very tops of the mountains. i know four guys went out, shot one and came home. Just wasn't safe or fun or enjoyable or even tolerable. i waited till third week and most melted off, shot mine on a quick 5 hour hunt.
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    Default checkout kodiak

    476, and 477 near Old Harbor
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