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Thread: What are WE doing??

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    Default What are WE doing??

    *Disclaimer, I don't know if this is the proper place to post, but for all of us who love hunting in Alaska, it directly affects all of us*

    Defenders of Wildlife, and those types, are in full attack mode. Latest propaganda uses Ashley Judd to slam the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game and our Predator Control Program, via Sarah Palin.

    Ever notice the numerous letters to the editor from the likes of Sherwonit, Toppenberg, and that Joslin fella. We are being attacked on all fronts, through various outlets. Take a gander through the comments on adn, concerning wolves, and you'll see the silliness, and unbridled lunacy we are up against.

    My question is, what are WE doing about it. I know many on here are very passionate, and take great pride in writing letters, contacting representatives, and taking an active role in the resources we all love so much. All I know, is I don't see many groups actively united on our side. Who is speaking for us, and why don't I ever hear it? Are we facing a complete media onslaught that refuses to, acknowledge facts, and just spew propaganda?

    Anyway, just some food for thought, as feeling a little introspective.
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    Is there a Alaska State Rifle Association yet.When I came to Alaska the first time in the 80's no one knew of such a group but we had the Haines Sportsman Association and Upper Lynn Canal advisory committy.Through these groups the local sportsman fought as a group for their rights and it worked.I know Sitka had the same type of group. It seems we have many active sportsman out there working hard for the area they live but no togetherness among these folks throughout the state.Everyone knows how strong the guides hang together or try so why not us average game users.I would bet if we had a group and we got with the guides in no time you would have to live in Alaska to be a guide here.I would support the ASRA with time and money and think many other would also.Together we stand and divided its the SOS.

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    There are several national organizations that support our hunting and gun ownership. The first 2 that come to mind are SCI and NRA. Then there is a host of organizations that focus on a select group of animals (RMEF, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, etc). While none of these organizations is perfect - they do provide information and political clout (I don't like that but it is the way things are). My suggestion is to join whatever organizations you think are worthwhile and work for them.

    In addition, each of us can write letters to our senators & congresspersons. I just wrote a letter in protest to HR 45 (The Blair Holt Law) which is in the process of working it's way through congress. Of course, Chuck Schumer is one of my senators so you can guess how much good that did.

    Above all else, we can hold ourselves to the highest standards possible and then "hope for the best".

    I'll be glad to read any other suggestions that anyone can come up with to defend our way of life.


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