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Thread: Alaskan Fishing

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    Default Alaskan Fishing

    I was wanting to know what is the earliest time someone could fish in Alaska, anywhere really doesnt matter just Alaska fishing, Father is sick and has always wanted to go. Thanks Walter

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    I am going to assume that you mean fishing in the summer. If the species and location doesn't matter the earliest you'd want to come is mid to late May for fresh water. I don't know anything about salt water. The fishing in general gets better all summer. hope that help a little...
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    I'm not sure about Central AK, but if you are out for rainbows on the Bristol Bay area it doesn't open until 1st weekend in June I believe.

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    Maybe Can Can, or soggy or someone from SE can chime in on the runs down there. I thought they get a pretty early king run for some reason.
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    Last year, I took a charter boat for halibut out of Seward on April 30. We were their first boat out for the year. The weather was great, but that was a rare occurence. It was cold however. We did well. Three nice halibut in the 60lb range and several nice yelloweye. We caught'em off Point Junkin in 200 feet with herring.

    My guess is that saltwater fishing in and around Ketchikan is likely to be even earlier, perhaps in March.

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    Taking your question as you asked it, there is always fish to catch somewhere in Alaska.
    Lots of ice fishing now for pike, trout and char. Trolling the salt for winter kings can be done from Juneau to Homer.
    I am starting to think about a couple trial runs to Homer in advance of the derby. On a nice day it is beautiful on the ocean.

    I understand about your dad and if I can help, let me know.
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    Default sorry to hear that

    Hi Walter, If you would like to drop me a pm i might be able to help you out depending when you decide to come. I charter on the Kenai and it starts mid May. I might have some seats open and I would be honored to help you out if I can.

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    Depends on what you want to catch and how you want to fish and where you want to go

    Heres a Rundown

    Saltwater Kings - All Year Homer Southern Southeast, Mayish for other places
    Freshwater Kings- Memorial Day Weekend
    SE Trout - April/May depending on weather
    Steelhead - All Year in Yakutat late April Elsewhere in SE
    SC Trout mid may
    Cordova Reds - Late May
    Rockfish/Halibut - March

    Hope that helps
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    Default halibut opened feb1st

    King salmon year round, again halibut feb 1 st, ling cod july 1st, Kodiak kings are landed year round with the biggest in april, may, june first week of july.
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