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    Will the Lee Universal Shell Holder kit work with the RCBS RockChucker press and the RCBS Hand Primer? Are they good or am I better off getting shell holders from the die company that I use RCBS, Redding etc...?


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    Lee universal shel holders work in the RCBS/Lee/Redding/Horandy preses that use the button type removable shell holder. Shel holder Numbers do not correspond to the RCBS numbering system.

    The Priming tool shellholders do not fit in a press, only the priming tool. They come in a green box.

    I found that some of the Lee's seem a little slopy for the particular case. They do not have the same feel as say the Redding shell holder.

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    What allen-ak said. I would add that sometimes you can have a full length resize problem using Lee holders with RCBS dies or the other way round. They donít always push the shell all the way into the die of the other brand that last little bit, and that is sometimes a problem but usually not. 95% of the time they work fine.

    The Lee hand held priming tool holders don't have the part on the bottom that fits in the press arm. I have never used the RCBS hand held priming tool, but it looks just like the Lee and I would assume its the same.


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    Ditto what the others have said. Sizing should be done using dies and shell holders that match. Universal shell holders are supposed to be of correct dimensions to correctly full length size cases but I have also found that to be a failing. It may only be .002" or so difference but that can be enough to make for tight bolt closure. As for priming machines, the dimensions aren't so critical and if the shell holder fits, it will probably work. I'm not too familiar with the various primer machines and their required shell holders. I only use one.
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