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Thread: Hunting partner?

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    Default Hunting partner?

    Hey everyone,
    I have never hunted before, but I know it's something that I really want to do. I am completely new to this, so if anyone needs some extra hands or if they're willing to let me tag a long I would be really greatful. I don't want to steal your 'secret spot' I just want to get my feet wet. I will obviously pay my part of the expenses, or if someone is wanting to go on a guided hunt, and they need an extra person to split the expenses with - I am your man!


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    Default more info

    You might want to provide a little more info about yourself to try to get some help. Age, abitlities, game that you want to try, times, and maybe a little personal info like smoker or drinker etc. I noticed in your profile that you are in the airforce which could matter. Good luck.

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    Default partners

    I was just thinking about the forum members I'd like to hunt with. After a few years of reading posts there are a few choice members I'd drop everything to go hunting with even though they are essentially strangers and we've never met. After reading their imput and experiences I'd trust them enough to spend my vacation time with them.

    Your kinda in the unknown category right now with many on here. Please share more and some folks still in the planning stages for 09 might speak up.

    Your first available hunt is likely spring black bear and many enjoy boating for those.
    That would be fun intro and the costs are minimal. You bring food and fuel and that might work for somebody.

    I'd be interested if your willing to haul a heavy pack 15 miles and not be a shooter. Heck I think many people here would take you up on that. Honesty when you reach a certain elevation and distance a second person to share the duties is essential.


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