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    Just rebarreled a .300 RUM 700 Rem. to .416 ruger - used a Shilen #4 SS & did the whole job on my lathe. Cut the barrel to 22" and crowned - will give it a light bead blasting to match with the Remington action. Got a Manson reamer from 4D reamer rentals and she cut a smooth chamber, I think that the reamer was brand new.
    Now have find some .416 Ruger dies - Hornady said that they will have them in March.

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    Seems like a nice project. Oh, yeah, Manson reamers are top notch, I have a collection of them. Redding makes a fine set of dies in the caliber and Graf & Son will have them I think. I also have a set of Hornady new dimension dies for the 375 Ruger I'll sell real cheap.
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