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Thread: 440 polaris hard to start

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    Default 440 polaris hard to start

    1991 440 Sport GT, twin carbs:
    I don't seem to be getting any fuel when trying to start it cold w/ the chokes on. It starts good with a shot of ether or gas down the spark plug hole. Even with full choke on, it may die once to 3 times before it stays running.
    I did have the carbs off and cleaned them. I was careful to not move the jam nut on the choke cable. There is about 1/8" play in the cable. Just because I moved them does not mean they were right in the first place.
    I am trying to look to see if I have any leaks that may cause the fuel to not pull through the lines. Haven't found anything yet.
    How do I ensure the chokes are adjusted and working correctly?
    Any other ideas?
    This machine has always been a bit of a hard starter. 20 pulls was not uncommon if it had sat for any length of time.

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    Default fuel pump?

    LM forgot to log off of my computer. Darn kids.
    How often do the fuel pumps go bad? How would you know? I did pull the vacuum line off of the fuel pump and engine block. It checked out good, but was a little loose so I trimmed the ends and put hose clamps on to be sure it could not leak.
    I did note a hint of fuel on the inside of the hose that connected to the fuel pump. Hmmmm. Is that a bad thing?


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