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Thread: Wiggy's waders/Neos river trekkers

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    Default Wiggy's waders/Neos river trekkers

    Your going on a week long backpack sheep hunt in the alaska range. What are you taking for water crossings and why? Wiggy's are much lighter but durabilty has been questioned. Neos are 5lbs,crazy heavy. What to do? I do know i do not want to cross creeks or rivers barefoot. Thanks, Ken

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    Default Wiggy's Waders

    I brought these on a sheep hunt and a deer hunt last year. They work just fine. I can't really tell that they have been used after many river and stream crossings.

    They weigh next to nothing and pack down very small.

    I've hunted with people that just use contractor trash bags. Cheaper, about the same weight, but I can't see these holding up for too long.

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    I bought 3 pair of wiggys from Mark about 4 years ago and we used them to cross the Colleen river dozens of times and Ive used them in the winter to cross open water and they have held up fine, there thin and wont take alot of abuse.but they weigh nothing

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    I have had good luck with my Wiggys for the occasional stream crossing. Before i switched out of koflachs i used cheap Sterns stocking foot between the boot and liner.

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    Default duct tape

    I bring a small roll and tape my impertec pants to my boots. I have had it work perfect. I have also had small leaks but never enough to soak a boot. I use the scarpa lasic boots from barneys they havent leaked in 2 years of use.
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    On a sheep hunt last year in the brooks, my partener and I both had a pair of $5 slip-on-wading shoes from Freddy's. Roll up the old pant legs, slip 'em on and across we went. I think we did this a total of 8 times on that hunt and only once we had to take off the pants because the water was to deep. Also the shoes work great as camp shoes after they've dried.


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