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Thread: British want their guns back!!

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    Default British want their guns back!!

    The British want their guns and hunting back:

    is there a lesson?


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    They are talking about this a few threads down, post #4.

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    Default Tough

    Tough once the government takes your rights away; THEY DON"T GIVE "EM BACK !!
    As the shooting/sporting populace of the US dwindles and children get more involved in Ipods and computer games the access to firearms and outdoor sports will pass as well.
    In Washington the masses speak loudly,usually with dollars. Sportsmen tend to be in sparsely populated areas/states and as such have very low populations/numbers of representatives in Washington.Whereas antis are in a high population states and have access to lots of representatives in Washington; THEY've got pull.
    At this point in history they also have their chosen candidate in office with enough of congress to back his play. I fear before the end of our new Prez's 8 year term we may be doing the same as the Brits, marching to get our gun rights back as well. I hope and pray I'm wrong !!
    " Americans will never need the 2nd Amendment, until the government tries to take it away."

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