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    Question Hatchers Pass

    Myself and a friend are looking at riding up at Hatchers Pass, has anyone been up there lately? The report says 36"-46" of base plus all this new snow we got in the last week and a half. How's the riding up that way?

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    I have heard that its slide city up there. A buddy of mine talked to a ranger up there and they said that it was the worst Avalanche conditions that they have seen up there in 10 years.

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    Just got back form Hatchers. Lots of new snow, maybe 12" to 18" of new powder on top of the harder stuff. Only road for 2 hours due to lack of visibility. Flat light, snowing hard, and low clouds made for a tough day. Should be great riding once it clears up some. Only saw one recent avalanche, but didn't spend much time up high since the visibility was worse up there. I wouldn't say it was the worst avalanche conditions in 10 years (but Hatchers is never a place I feel very comfortable). Was up there a year or two ago and every drainage and hillside had a fresh pile of snow at the bottom. Biggest danger will be the hidden rocks and the deep holes in the creek beds from the recent warm spell.

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    Well we didn't go last weekend, friend backed out and it was a little too chilly for the wife. So we are going to go this Sunday, anyone rode up there this week at all? I am hoping the snow is soft and the trails are smooth.


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