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Thread: Lost Gear at Kings River Last Weekend

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    Default Lost Gear at Kings River Last Weekend

    I've been reading the posts for awhile and thought this might be a good time to register. My buddy lost some pretty expensive camera gear off the back of the trailer last weekend, probably right near the trail head, and I thought I might ask the group if anyone may have seen it.

    Great site, and thanks for the help.

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    Hope your buddy gets his stuff back. Havent been to kings in about a month so I cant help you.

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    Default Try to make it back

    You would be surprised, you might be able to find it. Unless there is a name on it probably next to nil chance of getting it back. Good luck

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    Have you tried posting at Lots of guys in those forums in Alaska. Try the Alaska forum and the Yamaha and other ones also. Good luck to you.
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