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Thread: Upcoming Palmer event?

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    Default Upcoming Palmer event?

    Just casting for some information on rumours I've heard for a week or two now.
    Apparently, there's a group planning a Valdez type fly-in in Palmer for early August. Supposedly, appealing to the flying crowd and the Hunters too. I'm told workshops, contests and a swap meet.
    Can someone set this straight, is it true?
    I understand Artic Air is involved but I haven't called them yet.

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    Default Yep

    I read the same thing, either here or At first I thought it was the "pancake breakfast" that used to be held, but as I read more it looks more like what you said. Hope so, that'd be a good time at a good time.

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    Default Artic's being cryptic......

    So, I stopped in to find out what the deal is. Lot's of smiles and no firm answers... yet. I was told that there needs to be an official approval from the City but they did confirm the intent.
    The target is the first week of August, roughly a week before Hunting season. There's to be flying events like Valdez and workshops. There will also be vendors, hunting workshops and a lot of food apparently. Static displays, swap meet, live music and the like.
    The list that was rattled off was pretty extensive and seemed well thought out. If they can convince the City Council, this could be a lot of fun. Give Artic's office a call & see what they say, 746-2290


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