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Thread: lower altitude powder?

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    Default lower altitude powder?

    I'm searching for some lower altitude powder as close to Anchorage as possible. I bought a new mountain sled, but I am a beginner, so I'm trying to play it safe while I learn and improve my skills. Another factor is that I ride alone most of the time, so I don't want to go anywhere where avalanches, or steep sidehilling are too much of a concern.

    The deeper the powder, the better, but preferably flat or rolling terrain. I went out and rode near Nancy Lake last weekend and had a blast, but the trail was pretty rough. About 2-4 inches of powder over ice.

    Any thoughts on where an Anchorage newbie can hone his powder skills and break in his new sled?

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    Like you said, anywhere low like you were riding got hammered by the last warm spell. Dont know how places like Placer got hit, but likely there as well. I would suggest going up Hatcher Pass as I do know they have gotten fresh snow in the last couple days.

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    There some deep stuff out at Petersville, I posted a ride report yesterday on it.


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