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Thread: Susitna Valley AC elections

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    Default Susitna Valley AC elections

    Susitna Valley Advisory Committee meets at 7pm, Tuesday the 26th, at the Willow Community Center. We will be holding elections, and discussing moose populations, fish hatchery status, and the newly released economic survey. This committee serves Big Lake, Houston, Willow, Talkeetna and Trappers Creek. Hope to see you there!

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    willphish4food, I would expect you and the Valley AC will make the effort to listen to this before discussing the new economic survey:

    Professor Knapp, a third-party Economist familiar with Alaska's fisheries, does a great job of evaluating the report and trying to compare it to a commercial fishing economic report. I found his presentation very informative and revealing. It explains the methodology, importance of economic impacts, accuracy and reliability of the report, and conclusions. A "must read" for any Committee discussing the report.

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    Default thanks


    Very useful - thank you.

    another site that has Gunnar's presentation along w/ the audio

    the legislators are getting in way over their head. it is funny to listen to them not being able to neither listen nor hear.

    This is a good use of an hour of computer time.


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