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Thread: 16B Brown Bear Hunt

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    Default 16B Brown Bear Hunt

    Hello Folks-
    Well needed to come to the experts again. I am planning on doing a hunt out in 16B this April. Wanted to know if anyone has had any luck that early (15-25). If I had a choice I would hunt later but I'll be out of the state until June time frame. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    They are usually just coming out of the dens then. Shot one on the 26th last year. Several were taken prior to that, I know. We saw a few the week prior too. Better than staying home at any rate.

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    Those are good dates for that area. Mostly all you will see will be boars, sows come out later. You should not be hampered with mushy snow conditions. In the high country, you should be able to get around quite easily, take snowshoes. Do you know where you are going to spike out of? It makes a huge difference in the scheme of things.
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