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Thread: Warn Winch RT2500

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    My problem is I can't pass up a deal.

    I have one ATV and a RT2500 Warn Winch on it.

    A freind of mine offered me an unopened in the box brand new RT2500 Warn Winch kit (winch, handlebar switch, rollers) for $150 Canadian (approximately $120 US) no tax and of course no warranty.

    My question is, would you buy this just as a spare for that price, because I really don't have any use for it otherwise.

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    Sounds like a smokin deal I'd mount it on the rear for good measure.
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    Smile Better IDEA....

    You could mount it in the cargo rack of my new Super Wide Track, for say three years test period, and as I am such a nice guy, I'll tell you how it worked out, and return it to you when you need it.

    Buy it for a spare, buy it to stimulate the economy.


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