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Thread: Interbond Bullets

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    Question Interbond Bullets

    I use a 338 Win ......has anyone used the 225 Hornady Interbond Bullets?

    Compared to Accubond?

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    Default kodiak

    Have been wanting to get information on this bullet myself. I have tried the 250 kodiak in 338 and am impressed. Tipped a nice bull moose over in his tracks last year without hitting any major bone. He got up maybe a minute later but was so sick he still didn't get out of his tracks. The bullet traveled quartering from the front, through a lung and lodged against a rib. It retained 93% and had a mushroom I couldn't hardly believe. Have also used this bullet on a number of deer, I hunt in brown bear country, and it does a great job of punching a nice hole without wrecking a bunch of meat.

    I load them up to a couple of grains above book max and feel about as comfortable around bear as I expect to get.

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    I have used the Interbond in both a 30-06 and a 338 ultra mag same results 75 -90% retention with a great mushroom and dead critters. They group as good as Matchkings in my rifles. I can't compare it to the Accubond as I have never used them but what I have hear they perfore very close.

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    I've never shot anything bigger than elk with Interbonds, and not in 338, so I'm not going to speculate on larger animals or the 338 225 grain you question. I will say that I've always had superb performance from Interbonds both on game and on paper.

    Comparing terminal performance with other bullets, I'd rate it very close to the Speer Hot Core, neither of which would be my first choice for very close range. But beyond 50 yards they hold together while expanding beautifully, and give good penetration. In fact I'm happier with either of those for long range shooting than with Nosler, Barnes or other heavily constructed bullets. I've had long range through-and-through penetration with little expansion from the super bullets, but both Hornady and Speer provide excellent expansion and penetration at longer ranges.

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    Default 30 cal hornady interbond

    A friend just got back from a hunt down south and shot the interbond 30 cal in a magnum rifle, am not sure which magnum or what grain bullet. He took an antelope and a mule deer at 250 and 300 yards. He said he was very impressed with the accuracy of the load but even at the longer range there was enough bullet fragmentation to blow up a lot of meat. He did not recover either bullet. Has anybody experienced this problem?

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    Post Interbond performance

    I shoot the Interond 180 in my 300 wsm at a muzzle velocity 3025-3050. I have shot them ever since they hit the market and I have had superb performance. I have only recovered two bullets. They were perfect mushroom's and both retained 85-93% of there weight.
    I have harvested 2 Moose, 2 Bears, Goat, Sheep, and several deer with my load and I have been nothing less then impressed as I have seen no fragmentation and all meat within an inch of the exit hole goes in the freezer.


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    Hey Riss,

    I'm guessing that since your friend was hunting the wide open spaces, he opted for light bullet and retained velocity was still pretty high at 250-300 yards. I don't have anything scientific to go by, but I want velocities to have dropped below about 2900 fps by the time the bullet lands. Just a feeling, but I've never had the symptoms you describe. I tend toward the heavier bullets in a caliber, too.


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