A week and a half a go we were heading to Skewntna via Flathorn. On the way I kept going through some huge ruts and didn't realize they were truck tires that made them until we got a few miles from the lake. We were shocked to see a Toyota Tundra stuck and off the trail there, three guys starting to dig it out. They planned on making it there to fish. If anyone has taken that trail they know what the last few miles are like, no way a truck could make it, especially back up that icy hill. They assured me they were going to make it to fish Flathorn. When we came back three days later it was gone, and it looked like they turned around somehow. I figure it was a couple of Jim's Creek fisherman looking for something to do in the winter. Also on the way there a spruce tree was smoldering right by the truck ruts, I don't know if they tried to light a tree on fire or what? You can take a the fisherman out of Jim's Creek, but you can't take Jim's Creek out of the fisherman.