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Thread: $$$ question

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    Question $$$ question

    Ok Guys i don't know if i will get any response
    but i need to ask if you had a remote log cabin
    20 by 24 2 story 6 by 20 porch wood stove heated
    100 % turn key fridge bathroom the whole 9 yards
    water septic what would you value just the cabin
    at yes I'm being sketchy but if you will answer serious
    with more info PM me but with out taking land into
    value let say it is out in the lower Susitna drainage area
    And i will say i don't have one for sale and I'm not buying one
    just trying to figure out fair market value
    thanks for giving me your opinions
    And i do need to ask if you answer to give some thought
    don't just throw a number out think about please this is important for me

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    I could'nt even guess in your area because so many people are looking for a place like down there, but in the interior it would go for alot.

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    Default Land and cabin value

    There is no way to even give you a guess what the land/cabin is worth. Most of the value is probably in the land? Access, orentation of the cabin on the property, south facing, view, flat land, swamp, timber? etc. etc.

    If you leave the land out of it, what are the types of corner notches used? did they use a lateral scribe on the log walls? what type of and how did they construct the gable ends? Roof? Foundation? General construction quality and attention to detail? Is the woodstove/ chimney system installed properly? age of appliances? Are the water and septic installed per minimum standards? etc. etc.

    If you are unsure I would have the property appraised by a licensed appraiser or talk to a professional log home builder/contractor.


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    Remote cabin with water and septic? That would add a bunch to the value as it's a rare find.

    On the road system you can figure that a 960 sqft house (20x48 2-story) is going to cost $100/sqft. for a stick framed place. You are looking at $96,000 for a minimum starting point for the specs you have stated. More likely in the $150,000 range for a well crafted, scribe fitted log home with suitable quality interior work.
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    Default thanks

    Rock skipper
    ak doug thank you
    for your reply
    please anyone else would be apprieciated

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    Talking will check back

    Going to Kodiak to pump concrete but should be back tuesday night and will check in then to see if anyone else has chimed in

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    Default bump

    back to the top just to see if anyone else might have ideas

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    Part of my job is to figure out fair market value of real estate. I do it every day.

    But I don't see how you can do it with the info you have given.

    The location is important and is a big part of the value.

    Does the cabin have to be moved?

    Are you trying to determine replacement costs?

    Minus that info, I would say that its value is exactly whatever a willing buyer and a willing seller agree upon.

    If you don't have a buyer or a seller you not looking for market value, you are looking for some other type of value.
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    If it helps, my place is 24x24, 8" logs, metal roof and Vinel windows. I have a new wood stove,pipe, propane frig & stove, and small generator. Started 5 years ago and I have $42,000.00 invested in just materails and tools. No well or septic....

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    To add to what's already been said, location is everything, even if you are only trying to find the value for insurance purposes.

    My cabin, if built on the road system, would only have about $25,000 in it. However, if you factor in the time and fuel involved with hauling it all out to where it is, I've got over $50,000 in it. Add in the labor for building, and the fair market value probably puts it (cabin alone) over $75K +, and it's not even done yet.

    Quality of build, and amenities add or subtract to that as well. For an total cash out of pocket of about $60,000 including land, I wouldn't let mine (16x24 with 12x20 shed on 5 acres) go for less than $150,000.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Ok guys i do understand what you are all saying about location and such
    and this thread is exactly what i need just a knowledge base of what people think and this is it
    thank you for all replies and thank for any more to come


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