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    Default Chintina

    Here's some links to Chitina dipnetting videos at youtube:
    good example of a very nice spot, notice how the backwash goes from a boil to almost nothing over the 1st half of the video. good dipping though, been a couple years since I've been able to pull up 4 in 4 minutes after having limited out, nice.
    More normal dipping, ha! i.e. no fish are caught during this one but does show some nice views and some cliffy type spots to dip.
    Starts with just photos but then video. 4:15am bit is funny, waiting at Hem's Charter. and the one that got away! I had a King like that last summer, only chance for one and it was on the wrong side of the net.
    photo collage with Led Zep's 'Rambling on' on soundtrack. It's a nice drive from Fairbanks. Couple photos of Black Rapids area, beautiful area.
    Like the statement, 'It's very, very scary'
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    Thanks for posting the videos. I've only seen pictures of dipping the Copper and heard stories. But I think the videos pretty much confirmed my previous thoughts - I'll deal with the crowds on the Kasilof any day over risking my life on the Copper. I certainly have respect for folks who can pull it off safely, it's just not for me.

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    Copper River Ramble is a video I created. Great trip with alot of hard work. Hiked about 5 miles from bridge over O'brien Creek to canyon and back in same day. Fished about 2 hours and brough back 5 reds and a king; plenty for my wife while I am deployed. Sometimes you just have to Ramble On!

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    Default not me

    I'll take the Kenai any day, over that. I wish you luck and fun though.

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    Default Their Crazy - No life vest

    I can't believe my eyes - kids & adults on slippery rock ledges and no lifevest and not being tied off! What the He?? are parents thinking these days. No wonder they have lost so many people in the river for that fisherie.

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    looks pretty scary to me... I would want a PFD adn a rope for sure. I would not bring my 4 year old on those ledges... she can experiance fishing in tamer environments for now.
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