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Thread: trailer tow width?

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    Default trailer tow width?

    hi again...was wondering how wide the boats you guys are towing ?...BC, canada permits say anything OVER 8.6' is no extra charge, then approx $30/month applies..then, after 12.6' a pilot car is needed!..,,do these figures sound about the same in alaska and washington?..boy, trying to find out info is like pulling teeth from the beaucrats..they "think" that is what it is?/....thanks larry

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    Under 8'-6" no charge allgood, oversize seasonal permit, last time i checked, was $300.00. for the season needed oversize signs front and back and a flashing yellow beacon on the roof.
    dont know what width the pilot car comes into play.
    hope that helps

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    An oversize permit is required by the State for all towed packages which exceed 8 feet, 6 inches in width. Current regulations require a pilot car to proceed all towed units that exceed 10 feet. A new revised Permits Manual is due for final approval early this spring that will change the pilot car requirement to those packages which exceed 10 feet, 6 inches. That was the latest word that I received from the Chief of Alaska State Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

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    8.6 and under you can go anywhere anytime, when you get into 'permit' size's you also get 'black out' dates when you can't be on the road, holiday weekends, day before holiday's, etc, etc.

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    thanks guys,,,good to know!...funny how you get a "size" in your head from hear-say, for me it was 9.6", this is good news,,,,not tied to a 9.6" boat!...larry


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