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Thread: Pt. Mac Trail Conditions - 1/22/09

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    Default Pt. Mac Trail Conditions - 1/22/09

    Does anyone have current knowledge of Pt. Mac area trail conditions? Gasline to the Big Su? Lower Big Su? Alexander Creek?

    Is there still enough snow on the Gasline Trail across the Susitna Game Flats to get across on a snowmobile? Fish Creek frozen back up?


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    I answered my own question today. The Gasline Trail has plenty of hard snow. No bare spots. Little Su, Fish Creek, Lower Big Su, Alex Cr. have no snow, just solid ice. Overall - trails are passable and fine for hauling ... if you know how to keep a sno-go running when there is very little powder to lube your track. If you are going to be pulling anything, it's best to have a studded track right now on the rivers in the lower Su Valley.


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