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Thread: Flight service from Happy valley

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    Default Flight service from Happy valley

    Is their a flight service out of Happy Valley on the Dalton highway, that will take hunters out for Caribou, we did this a few years ago and would like to go again in 2008 but the service we used is no longer in business. Any help telephone number or Email address is much appreciated.

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    Default happy valley caribou

    call ralph miller at deltana outfitters. the best pilots and outfit. they operate out of happy valley.
    1 800- 601-5006

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    Default Dalton Hwy

    I would call Mike Mccleary of Alaska Bush Sports at 1-800-557-4248. Mike use to guide up there and really knows his stuff. Great pilot (motivated me to get my pilots license and I still fly with him)and flyies a nice 206 so you not to limited on weight. Have went with him four times in the past and already made plans to take the son for the sons first bou hunt. I'm under the impression that he is now using Larry Rivers camp up there.


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    Default Flight service

    Bone and Terry Thanks for the help.

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    Default What is a good price

    What is a good price for a flyin up there, I know fuel is pretty expensive. Been thinking about driving up but heard alot of negative stories this year about people spoiling stalks.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks Terry, After talking to Mike from Alaska Bush Sports I'm taking my dad up there this Aug. Also, Thanks uncle sam for Tax return.



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