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    Has anyone ever tried the Rivers Edge 17' ladder double buck extreme tree stand? At $190 it's tempting but I'm wondering what others think about this stand and I'm doing a bit of reading before pulling the trigger.

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    Is that the model that is at SW and rated for only 300 lbs?

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    The stand is setup at SW but I remember there being a 500lbs capacity.

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    If I remember correctly, I bought this one for whitetail hunting back in the midwest, It was a two person model. I never used or intended to use it for two people, just wanted the extra room. I put some heavy felt around the railing that flips up. That was great because it cut the wind down and if I brought a mr. heater out and put some felt across the top of my lap, it allowed me to stay comfortable even when it was -15F.

    The only downside is it is heavy and bulky to move around in the woods. Usually, where ever it goes up, it will stay there semi-permanent.

    I don't think you can go wrong for $200, even if it is only used for a couple of seasons.

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    Default SAM's

    I saw a similar sounding model at Sams Club. It was a 2 person, 16' ladder stand for like $120. I haven't used it but considered it for the price. You might want to check it out.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll see if I can grab someone that I know with a Sam's card and go take a look see.

    I've read reviews that this model is awful flimsy and and not very solid. Others say it has worked just fine. I guess I won't ever know unless I try it out for myself. I'm thinking about the two seater just for the aditional room to place gear.


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