After a long time looking for a Big Boar, I found a 58 that was the deal for me.... Got my hands on a 58cal Kodiak in good shape- I bought it on gun broker sunday and I cannot wait til it gets here!!! I was at the gun show this weekend and had already bought some .570 balls and picked up some .015 patches and a bore brush today. YES I am driving my wife INSANE!!!!! My turn after all of the coach purse drama, (if you havent had the privelege of buying a coach purse, dread the day you have to help pick one out) and the fact that I broke her laptop and had to replace that too but that is a story for another time.

Anyways I am wondering if anyone out there has one in 58 and has any recommendations on where to start. I have heard that they have a little oversize bore, but I guess that can vary from gun to gun. Like I said I have some .570 balls and .015 patches, ffg 777, CCI caps- my only question is what to use for a patch lube? I was thinking about using bore butter just because it is available anywhere. (stupid question) Also, how do you put it on? Do you just smear it on the patches, or do you heat it up and soak the patches in it and let them dry? In doing some research I am beginning to believe that the patch is more important than the lube. Makes sense. Anyways, Im gonna continue to drive my significant other crazy til it shows up, so any advice you can give me would be great!