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Thread: Win 94 buttplate

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    Default Win 94 buttplate

    Anyone know where I can pick up a crescent buttplate for a Winchester 94? I would like to replace the cheap plastic that is on there now, and I really like the look of the crescent buttplate.

    Also, I removed the stupid cross-bolt safety. For those who have also done this, what did you use to fill the holes, if anything?
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    You should be able to find one at Brownells, Midway USA, Numrich Gun Parts and maybe a few other places. But I think you are going to find out that you wont really have enough stock left to do the job and end up with a nice looking professional installation. Remember that you are going to loose about an inch of length by the time you cut the curve into the but stock and then you may not have enough width to accommodate the curved butt plate without grinding a bunch of material off of it, and then it will look goofy.

    My best advice for a crescent butt plate is to order yourself a new butt stock already inletted for one.

    Of course you could always find a crappy used take off butt Stock on e-bay to pratice with, and if it doesnt turn out like you want then your really not out much.
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    Default Great Northern Guns

    might have one. The owner, Joe Andreis has lots of old Winchester stuff. He would be the one you'd have to talk to though. Good luck, brother.


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