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Thread: Remington 30-06 pump

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    Default Remington 30-06 pump

    I have an opportunity to get a Remington 30-06 pump. I have not heard much about that rifle. Has anybody used one in tha cold Alaskan winter. My worry is that there are to many moving parts and somthing would go wrong with it in cold weather. Any thoughts?

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    Never a problem, but then again I haven't rolled it in mud and packed it with ice. I don't go out of my way to baby a pump, but then again I take care of it like any other. If you're used to a pump shotgun, I doubt there's much faster than a pump rifle for close-in work. I've got a couple mounted with receiver sights for hunting in tight brush or bad weather. Love em.

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    They work good, and they are fast. BUT, do not get them wet in freezing weather. They freeze up in a heartbeat. It will fire, but wont unlock untill thawed out under your arm pit or such. I've had 4 of them in different calibers. I carry the one I have left (.280) in a gun sleeve and it works fine, no good for jump-shooting though.

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    Thumbs up 760

    I always have my 760 as my backup gun.....a BDL in 30-06. I suggest to use good Sythenics Oil to lubricate the should have no problem.......

    I am also looking for a 760 Carbine in 30-06 for sale?

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    The problem with freezing isn't lub related. I use graphite. The muzzle blast from the carbine will knock 'em over if the bullet misses.

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    Default Graphite

    Dan: How do you keep the graphite from getting wet? Doesn't it turn into mush when wet?

    Rem Oil works well and I think they have a low-temp vesion. In the villages we would wash them in gasoline, dry the parts throughly, work the action, hang it outside and leave it there until the trip. Works to 50 below or more.

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    I'm not sure where the problem is located. The trigger and firing pin work. Maybe the bolt wont release. I really do not know, but it doesn't take much moisture freezing to foul things up. The action doesn't have to be wet (like heavy rain), Body heat from the hands seems to be enough to get the process moving.

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    Hey Bush Man,

    Wish I had read this before a quick trip to Los Anchorage. One of the gunshops has an 06 carbine on the used rack, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. Anyone help?

    One of my 760s is an 06 carbine, but sorry, it's a keeper. Muzzleblast will flap your pant legs, but I know of no quicker gun. Keep your eyes open for a carbine in 308, too. With such short barrels I don't think there's much difference in ballistics between the two, especially with heavy bullets, so your odds of connecting go up if you're willing to take either/or.


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