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Thread: anyone been to Hidden Lake on the KP recently?

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    Default anyone been to Hidden Lake on the KP recently?

    Was thinking about heading down to the Kenai Peninsula tomorrow to give Hidden Lake a try. Have never been icefishing down there before, was wondering how folks have been doing lately.



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    Default Dude-

    ... watch out for major overflow. I haven't been up there since last week, but I would guess that after all the rain we got, there will be some standing water under the snow until it freezes hard for several days.

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    Good amount of overflow and tire chains to get in. Glare ice everywhere. It can be done, but I heard Cooper Landing tow trucks are charging a pretty penny to go on Skilak Loop.

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    Thanks for the replies. I didn't make it down to Hidden Lake today, we stopped at Summit Lakes instead. My buddy caught a dandy char in the lower lake (closest to Seward) and I caught a very nice rainbow in the upper lake (closest to Anchorage). 1/2" of ice, 3" of water, then 20-24" of solid ice on those lakes.


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