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Thread: Fishing north of Sitka

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    Default Fishing north of Sitka

    Evening gentlemen;

    I am looking for some information on fishing a ways north of Sitka specifically around Islas Bay and Portlock Harbor. According to the charts it looks kind of fishy. I plan on being in that area the first week of July. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Myriad Islands

    I have fished this area last year on a trip up from Sitka and did well around Myriad island. We went in at khaz bay and picked our way through some of the passes including klag bay to the old mine site and up past Kimshan and out by portlock harbor. There are plenty of places to try for halibut in front and do not forget to stop by white sulphur springs.


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    Thanks for the comeback. That looks like an interesting run, so is it do-able in a 45 footer with 5 foot of draft? Did you do any fishing while inside and if so, what type of fish? Also, on the outside, at what depth were you into the halibut?


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    Default Outside - Inside passage

    I would think you would have no problems as I have seen sailboats cruise through this area. I did not fish on the inside but I would think you should be able to get halibut in Portlock harbor. Try trolling for kings around Khaz breakers and up towards Myriad Islands I think you will find some
    As for halibut take a look a chart you will find some areas in front of Khaz bay with about 200ft of depth and falling off to 350ft. Check these out and have the gaff handy. If you get into the rock piles you will no doubt find ling cod.
    I'm hoping to get down to Klag bay and try for some sockeye in late July.

    Have Fun


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