I currently own an XD40 sub and a Ruger LCP .380 (that is at the factory for the recall right now). I am debating whether or not to trade my XD and LCP in towards an Airwwight 340 (M&P or PD) .357. I use to own a 638 Bodyguard in 38spc +p and really liked it but traded it in for a scope. Big mistake. I know the 340 will kick like a mule. I have never shot one and can't find anywhere that has one to let me shoot it. I do own a Ruger SRH Alaskan in 454 Casull and have shot 340+ grain lead with that and can handle that kick no problem. Some dude at a local gun shop told me the 340 will hurt more than the 454? Any thoughts or experience with the 340 in .357

Thanks, steve