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Thread: prices on vegetable plants

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    Default prices on vegetable plants

    I am gonna be selling some veggy plants out of my green house this year and wanted to ask you guys on decent pricing on plants.... whats everyone been charging in the past. i'll have tomato, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, pepper. and a few others but wanted ya'lls opinions on fair pricing... i'll sel them about by the 6 or by a flat... tomatos probably 4" tall what do ya'll think
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    Where you at? I'm going to need some.

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    Im in anchorage....
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    and if your in reasonable driving distance i would like 2 young game hens i'd be willing to trade some plants for a couple... just want to be able to enjoy some farm fresh eggs.... i go out pamer wasilla way often and kenai way too every now and then so if someone is willing we can work something out..... or does anyone know anyone that has some game hens they are selling??
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