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Thread: 30-378 Weatherby?

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    Default 30-378 Weatherby?

    I just bought a Ruger #1 in 30-378 and am interested in any info you guys have on loading this cartridge. Also how well you like it. I understand it uses a lot of powder, shoots flat and fast, and will burn a barrel out faster than most calibers not to mention has a bit of recoil.

    If any of you have a line on cheap brass that would help out a lot! $60 for 20 cases is about as low as I have been able to find so far.


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    Thumbs down I had one

    It had an large appitite for H870 or H1000 and barrels. It is exspensive to reload & hard too. Most equipment isn't large enough to load the big 378 lee primer,funnels, some presses & & powder scales that only go to 100. It does shoot flat & i have wacked stuff out to 670 yards w/ it. Beware the heaviest bullest work the best, unless you like gernades.


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