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    Default Anchor River

    Has anyone fished the Anchor River for steelhead? I am thinking about going soon, but before I drive that far, I was hoping to get a report. Also, any information on where to fish would be helpful since this is my first time fishing the Anchor River for steelhead.


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    Chromers and fair number of them.

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    When? and where do you get updates on the fish and water levels? It's a helluva long drive from FBKS to fish but it's high on the to do list. That and the Situk!

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    When? and where do you get updates on the fish and water levels? It's a helluva long drive from FBKS to fish but it's high on the to do list. That and the Situk!

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    Thumbs up Anchor info. . .

    Call Stan Harrington at Anchor Angler: 235-8351 ( or the Homer office of Fish & Game: 235-8191.

    Visit the Anchor Angler's Web site they're probably your best bet, being located right across the street from the river.

    Beautiful river, beautiful time of year to fish it. . . good luck.

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    I was just down there over the weekend, the tackle store was closed up for the winter, windows were all boarded up. I did get a few steelhead and a bunch of dollies.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I have some extra time after this weekend before I have to be back to work. was thinking of heading that way.

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    Default Fly Fishing Steelhead

    I fish Deep Creek and Anchor quite a bit. In fact I am going tommorrow on my way to do some boatwork in Homer. I'll be fishing both rivers on Thusday morning and Friday morning. I'll let you know how it goes. I've always done fairly well on those rivers specially this time of year. Last time fishing I caught four nice steelies and six good size dollies. Catching the tide right can often help out your situation immensely.

    Let me know if anyone has any questions or wants reports on steelhead fishing.
    Marc Theiler

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    keep a close eye on the water levels. all the rain we have had is not treating those rivers very kindly. They tend to blow out very easily.

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    Oh yeah, as far as the Anchor Angler. I have heard a rumor that Stan gave it up to his son and things haven't been going that well. I don't know if he has had it opened much if at all. Sad to see it go the wayside, Stan was a good source of info and they did carry a little bit of stuff that was easily left at home.

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    Default Water levels

    I'll let the thread know what the water levels look like and how the fishing was.
    I am heading there as of this second.
    Marc Theiler

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    Default How late in the year can you still catch steelhead in the Anchor?

    I just recently found these forums but have fishing on the mind. How late in the season can you still catch steelhead in the Anchor? Did I miss it this year? Anyone know of any good fishing still?
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    Thumbs up

    I'm heading down to the Anchor this afternoon to camp out and fish it all day tomorrow. I've been hearing some good reports, a lot of 10 steelie days! Also I hear the dollies start stacking up in there too.

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    Default I am heading down

    I am heading down this week. I'll post what's up.
    Marc Theiler


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