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    Default Full Moon Clips


    I'm wondering if anyone here has modified a revolver to have it accept full moon clips. If so, how were the results? What make/model was the revolver and who performed the work.


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    Default Try these

    One of my customers had his 454 Ruger Alaskan Moon clipped he really likes it.
    I have considered doing this to my Mountain Gun, but have yet to do it.


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    Default That's interesting

    That's interesting because that is the same exact firearm that I was thinking of purchasing and having converted to accept full moon clips (except in .480 Ruger). I think that would be an excellent setup for bear defense. I was also thinking of buying a S&W .357 revolver model 340PD, convert it for moon clips and that would be an excellent carry firearm.

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    I own a Ruger 480 that has been converted. I love it. I am thinking of having my S&W 696 done too. Sure makes it easier to reload. Don't have to worry about finding speed loaders. About the fastest way to reload your revolver. Nice thing about having it done to a 454 is you can shoot all the other 45 caliber rounds too (i.e. 45 ACP). Don't worry, you will love it too. Jim

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    I've had my mdl 629 converted to full moon clips and love it. You can also load it without the clips if you want. I think its the ultimate speedloader. I paid $50 for having it done.

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    A buddy had his 480 SRH converted to full moon clips. IMHO it's an awesome conversion and I will have mine done as well. Reloads are superfast, and if you like to have some mild loads for the occasional spruce hen, you can have a cylinder full in seconds.

    Wild West did his gun.


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