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Thread: Seat Cover Repair Question

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    Default Seat Cover Repair Question

    I have a couple of older machines that have small tears or holes in the seat covers. What is the best way to patch these holes? None of the holes are very big, so I don't need to get too fancy with the repair, but I also want it to be a quality, permanent repair.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Check this thread out. Dont know where you are located, but it might be of some help...

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    Default Wader repair kit

    I patched a hole in my seat with a hip wader repair kit, if it is smaller than 2 inches. It was only a couple of bucks from Fred Meyer. The patch has held up for 2 seasons now. It has held up better than any of the other remedies I have tried over the years.

    p.s. don't leave your lead dog light on your seat. it only takes 2 seconds to have a hole to remind you never to do that again!!!


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