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Thread: Plane Raffle, Support a Vet

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    Default Plane Raffle, Support a Vet

    I was asked to pass the word about a raffle that the Veterans Aviation Outreach is holding to raise money in support of veterans in the outlying areas of Alaska. You can get more information about the organization and the raffle on their web site

    The airplane they are raffling off is a 2002 SeaRay with a 100 hp. Rotax which was donated to them. The tickets are $25 each with 3200 tickets proposed to be sold and according to their web site the raffle is scheduled to take place Mar. 29, 2009 at the AmVet Post II in Wasilla, Alaska.

    Looking at their web site it appears that they have a worthwhile cause, and I remember reading about them in a local publication within the past year. If you know of someone that may be interested in purchasing some tickets please pass this information on to them.

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    Default bump up

    I thought that I would get this back up to the front. Show your support. I just bought mine, have you???

    On second thought, I like my chances better if you didn't...

    Support the VETS

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    Thanks for the reminder, not sure what I would do with the plane but have been looking for a good reason to take lessons. Thanks again vets, Mark

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    Please support the Vets even tho I bought the winning ticket in January.
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