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Thread: Mattracks(litefoot) in summer

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    Default Mattracks(litefoot) in summer

    Anybody using the Litefoot tracks on any ATV or side x side in the summer or know of anybody.If so any maintenance isssues or problems?I know they will use more gas and things like that I just want to know if they are as good as I think they are.The other model I would consider is the Camoplast Tatou 4s. I just think the litefoots are better. the cost more but I think they are better made.Any help in the next week would be helpful.Thanks

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    The Tatou 4S tracks seem to be the track of choice that I have seen up here. Partly because of price. A friend of mine deals the Tatou tracks and can answer all your questions and more. He runs them on a Rhino.

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