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Thread: Sports Fishing Economic Survey to be release on 14 JAN

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    Default Sports Fishing Economic Survey to be release on 14 JAN

    The ADFG is suppose to release the recently completed Sports Fishing economic sports fishing report for Cook Inlet. This report is supposed to spell out who produces the high $$$$ value from the Salmon in Cook Inlet.

    Additionally there is to be a briefing by the Dept. Thursday night in Wasilla from 6-8 P.M.. At the Legisative Information Office on Railroad Ave. Just up the street from Three Fly And Tackle.

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    The economics reports are available now. Links to a short summary and the longer technical report are at the bottom of this web page:

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    Default Good golly, Miss Molly!

    1.4 billion in economic impact attributed to sportfishing in 2007!

    Nearly half of it contributed by NON-residents.

    Proud to say I did my part to stimulate the Alaska economy in 2008.
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