Hey just wanted to let everyone out there know about something cool that happened to me this past season. I had an older split limb Browning compound bow that had passed through the hands of four other AK archers before me (it was almost 8 years old I believe). When I took it to the 'Warehouse in Fairbanks to get it restrung a couple weeks prior to a hunt they told me that the limb pockets were FUBAR and the bow was unsafe to shoot. They told me to contact Browning directly. After 24 hours of waiting, Browning gave me my choice of their new bows. I think I ended paying a small shipping charge of around $50 to get the old bow to them. They said they researched all potentially serious issues such as this. I just wanted to post this because in times when customer service is shall we say "minimized" at the very least, a company that will do something like this is worth their weight in gold. Oh yeah, if anyone is interested I ended up with a Browning Mirage. I love this bow!!!