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Thread: Going camping at Knik next week.

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    Default Going camping at Knik next week.

    I was wondering what all you would recommend I take? Mainly what type of clothing? I know cotton kills so no cotton. I plan on layering of course but all I have is military issue stuff. I figure long underwear, loose pants over that and my snow pants. For the top a t shirt long sleeved fleece my gortex fleece and parka. Pair of regular socks and pair of wool socks. I won't be using a tent instead making a tarp shelter. I'll be going with someone who knows a lot more than me but want other opinions too. Thanks for reading.

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    Looking at the current weather report, you might want to bring along some rain gear.

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    are you camping from your car or hiking/atv'ing in?

    a waterproof layer

    a couple of insulating layers depending on how cold it is

    a baselayer

    leave all cotton at home

    depending on how windy it is where you are and how cold it is, a face layer, like a balaclava

    a good winter hat

    good gloves and some handwarmers if they aren't good gloves

    a sleeping bag that is rated for at least 15, if not less. a sleeping pad of some sort for insulation.

    have fun!

    is your military issued gortex the woodland bdu or abu jacket? the gortex pants have seams that are taped on the inside, as does the coat, i think. but that stuff leaks pretty well in my experience with it. so if it is warm and rainy, be careful.
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    Take an avy shovel and dig a snow cave. They are a lot of fun to experiment with.
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